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One healthy choice leads to another, by Brent Bishop Fitness & Lifestyle Coach

For many Canadians, the idea of embarking on a journey to a healthier lifestyle can seem daunting. But the shift to a more balanced life doesn’t need to happen overnight, nor does it have to be overwhelming. If you focus on making small, sustainable changes, those healthy choices will soon start to add up and before you know it, the lifestyle changes that once seemed overwhelming now feel much more attainable.

I consider a healthy lifestyle a work in progress and always look for ways to improve myself both physically and mentally through small daily changes. Making healthy choices is not only about diet and exercise. Our health is affected by every factor in our lives, from the company we keep to the media that we consume. One healthy choice really does lead to another. Focusing on small “mini goals” instead of one large goal can feel less intimidating and easier to achieve.

Here are some tips to get you started on the right path:

  • Schedule a regular date night with your partner or a good friend.
  • Always working late? Make an appointment in your calendar to leave work on time one night a week and spend that extra quality time with your family.
  • Swap out one pop or juice a day with water.
  • Stock your freezer with healthy, quick meal options for days when you don’t have the time to cook from scratch.
  • Attempt to cut the negativity – try giving at least one person a compliment a day.

Achieving a healthier balance in our lives starts with making small changes. To take the first step, join The Healthy Choice Pledge at to get more ideas on easy, healthy choices you can make in your life.

Brent Bishop is a spokesperson for the Healthy Choice campaign and as owner of the Think Fitness Studios, is also a personal trainer, a lifestyle coach, a fitness advisor and television personality.