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Build a better lunch, by Sue Mah

The kids are heading back to school, and we’re all getting back into work mode. It’s September, and that also means it’s time to start packing lunches again! Here’s how…


Are you giving lunch its due?

A recent survey on the lunch habits of Canadians uncovered some telling facts. In our rushed, time sensitive lives, more than half of us (53 per cent) spend the majority…


Preventing overindulgence, by Sue Mah

To prevent overindulging, I’ve come up with five simple eating tips. Give them a try! Nibble. Avoid going to a party on an empty stomach because you may actually end…


Should Mediterranean cuisine be a part of your balanced lifestyle?

When people talk about Mediterranean food, it's usually the flavourful dishes, fresh ingredients, crisp bread, olive oil and table wines that's the topic. But now the conversation is changing and…