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Chicken & Veggie Baked Burritos

Pantry staples like canned beans and pasta sauce are combined with fresh shredded veggies to create a delicious and nutritious baked burrito that kids and adults will love. Shopping Tip:…


Butter chicken can be a healthy choice

A little prep in the morning will a go a long way in creating a flavorful and nutritious family meal that cooks while you are at work. Start with spice-coated…


Family fun that is quick and delicious, easy and nutritious

Making your own version of your favourite take-out meals at home means you can control the amount of sodium and fat your family is consuming without compromising on flavour. If…


Minestrone on the Fly

Pasta sauces aren’t just for topping noodles - Healthy Choice Italian Style Vegetables pasta sauce is the basis of this great tasting and hearty soup. The sauce adds delicious chunks…