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Low impact exercises

Get ready to feel energized, strong, and fit! There are plenty of activities that will get your heart rate up without putting intensive strain on your body. Try these exercise moves for a great, stress-free workout.

Balance Mind, Body, and Spirit with Yoga

Developed from the ancient Indian spiritual practice focused on meditation, yoga has become a North American exercise phenomenon. Based on stretching and long movements, yoga centres the body and mind. People of all fitness levels can enjoy this activity, with many beginner-level yoga classes and video guides to help lead you through the varied moves and breathing exercises. Yoga has also been shown to dissipate stress, keeping your body and mind active.

Stretch for Strength with Pilates

Focusing on building strength through muscle-lengthening movements, Pilates is an extremely popular activity for people of all health levels. Pilates strengthens the core muscles of the abdomen and spine, and like yoga, it’s as much a mental activity as it is a physical one. You’ll elevate your heart rate, lengthen and tone your muscles and find inner serenity by mentally concentrating on your centre. Pilates may be practiced within a group or one-on-one, but it’s best to work with an instructor to make sure you do all the movements correctly.

Get in Step with an Elliptical Trainer

Indoor exercise machines are an excellent way to stay in shape, as you don’t need a sunny day to get moving. But for many people, treadmills or recumbent bikes are too stressful on certain joints and muscles. Opt to work out on an elliptical trainer, as its constant motion takes pressure off of your joints. You can move forward or backward on an elliptical machine, and many models have handrails that move for upper-body exercise.

Keep Your Cool with Water Activities

Find a local indoor pool, invest in a good pair of goggles and a swimsuit and get ready to take an aerobic dip. Swimming laps and alternating different types of strokes (front stroke, butterfly, breaststroke, or backstroke) is a great low-impact workout. Many pools also offer water aerobics, with all the moves of regular aerobics but none of the strain. Even treading water, while making large circles with your arms, is good exercise and important for water safety training.